how to avoid acne

How to Avoid Acne: Tips.

Acne is caused by a bacteria that enters the skin through the pores, causing an infection that reflects as pimples.

Most people treat acne as if it were an aesthetic problem by applying creams or masks, when in fact it is a clinical problem, which, being an advanced acne, must be treated by a dermatologist.

However, there are many ways to avoid acne, which are aesthetic recommendations, which in addition to avoiding this annoying and ugly condition helps to show a much softer, smoother and cleaner skin.

The best tips to avoid acne are:

  • First of all, keep your skin very clean, which you will only achieve by washing it at least twice a day and at most three times a day, because otherwise, you can end up with the fat on your face, which, even if you don’t think so, is necessary, because without it not only would you look bad, but also your skin would lose elasticity.
  • When washing the face it is recommended to do it with warm or cold water to prevent the pores from opening, and it is also very important to use a soap that is suitable for your skin type, whether it is oily, dry or normal.
  • Since the bacteria that cause acne get into the pores, it is very important to keep them closed, which is achieved first of all by avoiding hot water on the skin and secondly with the use of some special masks or creams, now there are also treatments that help close the pores.
  • Another wonderful tip, is to perform a facial cleansing from time to time, so that you not only get rid of dead cells, but also of blackheads.

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