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Goodbye Gluten: Diet for People with Celiac Disease

I want to talk to you about celiac disease today.

The celiac condition is a permanent intolerance to gluten that affects 1% of the population, although it affects more women than men, i.e. for each man affected there are two coeliac women.

But what is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in various cereals such as wheat, oats, barley, and rye and in other less common cereals such as spelt, camut and triticale. With this you will think: well I avoid all these cereals and solved.

The problem is that the industry uses gluten and these cereals for many other products, which complicates the diet. That’s why today I want to talk a little more about what gluten intolerance is and what diet you should follow.

If you are intolerant to gluten and consume this protein, what will happen to you is that you will damage your intestine. In the intestine, we have small villi that serve for the absorption of nutrients if these deteriorate the absorption of nutrients worsens and can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or gas. Sometimes people are gluten intolerant but do not have these symptoms.

You may be celiac but have symptoms that are not as noticeable, such as hair loss, you may be more prone to hematomas or nosebleeds. The symptoms are very varied, but if you go to the doctor and are diagnosed with celiac condition, keep in mind that you should follow a gluten-free diet, as the complications you may have are the same as those of any other coeliac condition.

As we said before if you are celiac you have to go on a gluten-free diet. For that, you have to know what foods you can eat. Gluten-free foods are fresh foods such as meats, fish, vegetables, fruits or vegetables. You also have to think that sugar, oil, and drinks, in general, do not contain gluten. Anyway, you have to be careful with certain foods like pâtés, processed cheeses, sausages and even chocolate and sweets. So be very careful if your child is celiac.

gluten free dietThen there are other types of foods that always contain gluten unless they are suitable for coeliacs. Bakery and confectionery are usually made with wheat flour, on the other hand, beer is made with barley, so a person with celiac disease should not consume it. And finally, you have to get used to always reading the labels and recognizing little symbols that will help you see if these products are right for you.

For example, you have the “gluten-free” symbol that will let you know that the product is suitable. There is also another symbol such as the barbed ear which means that the product does not contain gluten. If your child has celiac condition, you should make sure that the school canteen has the appropriate equipment and knowledge to prepare food for your child. If not, I recommend that you prepare the food for him and take it to him and keep it properly.

On the other hand, if you are going to travel by plane, you must tell us that you are coeliac. Most airplanes now have gluten-free food, but you must give advance notice so that they can serve it to you. If you are going to eat in a restaurant you should be aware that you have a celiac condition. In principle, all restaurants should have knowledge of what coeliac condition is and how to treat it, but in most cases, this is not the case, so you should say what foods you cannot eat and warn about the importance of your diet being gluten-free.

I advise you to choose fresh products that normally do not contain gluten and also to avoid frying, because even if you can eat the food itself, that is to say, some potatoes, you could eat them because they do not have gluten, if they are fried in an oil that is not clean any small trace of wheat flour batter will create discomfort, diarrhea and discomfort.

After hearing all this, you may think that living a normal life, being celiac is very difficult. But don’t worry, because more and more restaurants, schools and hotels are aware of celiac condition and therefore offer menus that are suitable for you. To contact a nutritionist to help you achieve a balanced diet, avoiding all these products.

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