quiz on your home health

Do you have healthy food in your fridge?

When we want to carry out a balanced and healthy diet. We start to think about the food we’re going to buy, the menus we’re going to prepare, the amount we’re going to eat, but have you asked yourself if your refrigerator has food to help you achieve that goal? let’s remember that what’s in it is what we’re going to eat.

With this procedure you will be able to judge if your refrigerator is intelligent, in other words if it helps us to eat in a healthy way or if you need to make changes (mark the options you consider correct, that is to say the ones that characterize your refrigerator):

  • Does not have 4 or more different fruits and vegetables
  • Do you have several alcoholic and/or carbonated drinks?
  • Has more magnets stuck on the outside than fruits and vegetables
  • When you open the fridge, you’re caught in temptation.
  • It is empty and does not satisfy
  • It does not have any dairy product inside.
  • Does not give you the option of a simple lunch or dinner
  • It is disorganized
  • There are foods that are out of date or out of date

Evaluate yourself

0 or 1 options selected: Your refrigerator is smart and healthy, you should try to keep it this way…
two to five choices: your fridge wouldn’t be smart. Not equipped to accompany you on a healthy plan
6 to 9 choices: your refrigerator is not healthy or smart. Our recommendation is to keep in mind your ideal nutrition plan and to organize yourself with a list of groceries and thus make improvements to your refrigerator and with it, the quality of your nutrition.

This test, quick and easy, is intended to help us think about what we are eating and the great importance of having an “intelligent” refrigerator that allows us to open it and obtain nutrients and not just empty calories, which feed us as well as nourish us. It is time for the refrigerator to stop playing the role of an opponent by being tempting and provoking pecking or binge eating, and become an ally in a healthier diet, and also be pleasant.

Keep in mind that the only way to a healthier life is through real, meaningful changes in our eating habits and lifestyle.

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