personalized routine men

Abdomen exercises for men: Find out my routine

One of the most specific concerns of those who work out in their own homes is to how to get the perfect abs, since obviously we do not possess a lot of training equipment at home. Today I will reveal you my routine, since many of my friends are eager to know how I got killer abs.

personalized routine men

Exercises for abdomen for men at home

Next, I am going to provide you with a series of exercises that have proven to be very useful in increasing muscle tone and functional strength in males. You will find a series of exercises for the abdomen for men at home, with which you will undoubtedly progress. As long as you also have adequate food and rest properly.

With the same, you can mount a good routine with that muscular belly at home guys. Now, even if you have focused the subject of this article on men, girls can also do them without problems. Only, they fit in a better way to the traditional tastes of men when it comes to training.

  • Mountain climbers
    Mountain climbers are about one of the most effective muscle and belly strengthening exercises available to do from home. In fact, it is common to see many males perform this exercise in CrossFit, as it is one of the movements that are most often included in their circuits.
    In addition, it has the great advantage that we will not need any kind of material to be able to hack. So, it will fit perfectly into our workout routines for men’s abdomen.
  • Planks
    Lately, I’m giving enough importance to the planks as one of the best exercises we can count on to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall. Its great effect in helping us to work the rectus abdominis, and the whole core in general, makes it one of the most interesting male abdominal exercises we can do.
    In addition, it is a fairly scalable exercise, in which we can modulate its difficulty. In case the conventional plank exercise it is difficult for us to do it, we can begin by supporting the knees on the floor and throw the arms forward. If, on the other hand, it is simple, we can include external elements such as fit ball that can help us increase the tension in the belly.
  • The Flag Exercise
    The flag is an exercise which is only recommended for men with a level of physical training. It is one of the most complex movements of calisthenics at the time of carrying out, so if you do not have a high level of physical preparation, I recommend that you start with other movements.
    Now, those who are brave and have functional strength in the abdominal core, I strongly recommend that you include the flag inside your belly routines. Undoubtedly, when you get to master the exercise, you will make a spectacular jump in quality in terms of your physical and sports performance.
    For those people, who do not know how the flag is made, you provided here the article in which I explain how it should be done.
  • Squatting
    Squatting is one of those exercises that can help us most in getting our abdomen muscular. Indeed, it is true that it is not considered as one of the exercises for the abdomen for men, since it is usually linked as a movement to strengthen the legs. But, having to keep the abdominal core firm and tight, the muscles are exercised intensely. And, as we use heavier load, more stimulation will get our abdomen.

Follow my routine and say hello to great abs. Also, beside those exercises you must be careful what you eat. Good diet is essential for your success!

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